For generations, women have gathered together in flocks to celebrate the upcoming birth of a child. They smell diapers filled with melted chocolate and use toilet paper to guess the size of the mother’s baby bump, yet they wonder why men don’t want to be involved.

This is where the dad-chelor party comes in. It’s time to have a party that is twice as fun — two plates of food, two cigars in hand and at least two beers to drink in order to celebrate the birth of two little babies. Having a baby — especially twins — is a team effort, and the dad-to-be should be equally pampered in preparation for his promotion to fatherhood. Throw the babies’ daddy a man-style shower to honor his masculinity and accomplishment and to give him one last pre-fatherhood bash with the boys. Here’s how:

Keep It Simple

Men don’t care about pacifier streamers, pink balloons or decorative baby bottles filled with candy. Keep the décor simple. If you do follow a theme, choose one the dad is interested in or that fits the location and mood of the party. Depending on the dad’s friends, sending out a formal invitation might be a must so the guys know you are serious. If not, stick to email, word of mouth and phone calls. Geoff Williams from suggests the invitation wording could go something like this: “FREE BEER. My house. Saturday. 7 p.m. FREE BEER. Bring some diapers or a baby toy. OR NO FREE BEER.” For a play on words and to continue the twins theme, customize the invitations to talk about doubles, pairs and two of everything. For example, “TWO babies. ONE dad. HAVE LOTS OF BEER. Need even more diapers.” You get the idea.

Dad Drinks, Eats and Treats

A cutesy menu isn’t something you need to worry about at a dad-chelor party. Just provide plenty of pizza, chips, wings, meat to barbecue and drinks. Make sure at all times the men have two beers in hand or two cigars tucked behind their ears to remember they are celebrating the birth of not one but two babies. The typical party favors for baby showers include lotions, candy, picture frames and the like — all for women. This is a man shower. Skip all that. If there are incentives to come, besides the free food, make them manly. Cigars, a tool kit, beef jerky or outdoor gear will do.

Possible Party Venues

Having the party at the future daddy’s house is the simplest approach, and gives the guys freedom to barbecue, drink and play video games or watch football all afternoon. Other locations could include racetracks, restaurants, amusement parks or sports bars. If you have the weekend to party, make it a camping trip. The guys can fish all day and play cards by the camp fire all night. When the twins come, this dad will be too busy changing diapers and catching up on sleep to spend a whole weekend messing around with the guys. Make this boys bash something he’ll remember.

Games and Gifts

Poker and diapers — that needs an explanation. Throw a diaper poker tournament where each person buys into the tournament with two packs of diapers for 500 chips. For each additional pack they can get 100 extra chips. The point of the party is to celebrate the dude to daddy status change, but stocking up on diapers is a nice bonus. Make sure to let your guests know they can bring a variety of diaper sizes since babies grow out of newborn diapers fast. With twins, you’ll go through diapers twice as fast so the more the merrier. Or, if watching football all day, turn it into a twins rivalry — a competition between dad and grandpa’s team vs. uncle No. 1 and 2.

Joshua Cruz
Josh is a blogger/columnist who writes about pop culture and society from a guy’s point of view. He loves any kind of music (even country) and is hooked on social media.