Empty pages only I can write on
Given by the Giver with no instructions
Yet with full responsibility, to write
I choose why, when, how and what to write

For my convenience I named the pages
Names that reflect my heroes and life
Soon after a page was in my hands
Neither the Giver nor the pages helped me

They came at intervals, one after another
To be cherished, nourished and nurtured
For each to be known and attached to me
And to write on each and all of them

The pen to write with was not given
It occurred to me that my life was the pen
And the ink I use would have lasting imprint
The imprint would reflect my choice of ink

My ink. Would it be love or hatred?
Would it be self-sacrifice or selfishness?
Would it be contentment or whining?
What would I choose for the ink with lasting imprint?

Would the Giver want it on His pages?
Would I tell Him that others also wrote on the pages?
And that I had no choice for the ink they used?
Why would He trust me so much with His property?

Writing on the pages is a hard noble vocation
I write on a page but sometimes nothing seems written
Or what’s written disappears after a while
Yet I must write. Not writing is writing of a kind

The writing starts with the first page, never to end
No Holidays, no sick leave, no vacation
Writing on these pages cannot be left to chance
It cannot be left to others or to man made writers

Sometimes I question the Giver’s choice of the writer
Is the writer qualified to leave imprint on His Pages?
How can he be? This is his first time with each page
Writing on the pages is an on-the-job training

I write, rewrite and write more for not writing is writing
My pages, Caroline, Lucille, Celina and Kithetheesyo
Need my writing and rewriting for not writing is writing
Will God want what I write in their minds and hearts?

Author: Dr. Vincent Muli Wa Kituku

Author, Motivational Speaker and Trainer
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Boise, Idaho 83707
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