If I could speak, here’s what I’d say
happy in your arms, I want to stay.
I am your gift, and you are mine too!
Love bonds together, both me and you.

Don’t let your schedule furrow your brow.
We need to enjoy this time, right now.
Right now is the best time for me to hold.
Wait ’til you’re less busy, and I’ll be too old.

Cuddle me tenderly, close to your chest.
It is here next to you, that I am at my best.
Your rhythmic breathing and beating heart,
contentment and comfort, to me impart.

To see you, smell you, assured by your voice,
all wonderfully simple, yet help me rejoice.
A cuddle, a kiss, some play and frolic,
Can banish a mood, and prevent nasty colic.

When we’re ‘in touch’, it reduces our stress,
we are happiest then, and worry much less.
Safe in your arms, dispels all my fears.
My beaming smiles replace anxious tears.

Please hold me, hug me, show me your day,
you’ll be sharing your love, in a marvelous way.
My learning is best when perched at your side,
your arms my classroom, and you as my guide.

Please hold me up high, so that I might see
all the many wonders, surrounding me.
When you keep me close, as you socialize,
my mind expands and more clearly I vocalize!

Take me with you, balanced upon your hip
when you work, walk or take a short trip.
My muscle tone and self esteem are greater,
sooner I will walk, rather than later.

Give me hugs and security, for which I long,
so that I know you love me and that I belong.
With your love and help, I will find my wings,
so that I may move on to much greater things.

Very soon you will find, you’re in great shape
your clothes will fit well and beautifully drape.
Secure in your love, I won’t cry or cling,
if you leave me awhile and go out on a fling.

To dream of our future is significant too,
And I know a career is important to you.
When I am older, we will join in the race,
and we’ll be more able, to keep up the pace.

Right now, what I know, as certain and right
is that you are my sun, the source of my light.
I need very little, neither expensive or new.
What I need is your love, your time and you.

Author: Colin Knauf