Small Things ConsideredThis is a fabulous book. Filled with vignettes that address many aspects of what it’s like to be a dad from the ‘Father Knows Best,” some of us grew up with, to the mischievousness of one of the three sons Fred MacMurray raised to a dual-income family aka Cliff Huxtable. There are so many ‘A-ha’ moments that express understanding, compassion and humor. In today’s age there are so many ways to look at dadhood from provider, disciplinarian, jokester and coach. Schwartzberg hits every one. An easy and delightful read, one that you will want to find a comfortable chair and slide into and not get up until you finish. You can read it all in an evening, only wanting to read it again, or choose, as I did, to relish the chapters, thirty-six of them, over a few days. Few of them are more than five pages as I’d found myself laughing out loud as I saw myself in more than one of the stories, or reflect over a moment of pure genuineness that I had to share with someone else. Short, insightful, like he says about his faith—appreciate it just enough to take it for granted, only don’t let the brevity fool you. “Small things considered: Moments from Manliness to Manilow,” will add something to your parenting repertoire you don’t expect. Enjoy it. I did.

Book Review by Dr. Archie Wortham