Even responsible men are afraid of becoming a father for the first time. But once you get past all the jitters, stressful events, and many other changes that one experiences in the transition to being a responsible adult, being a dad can be amazing.

While experience helps counter teething problems along the way, you can always rely on the help of others for advice. If you feel you’re at a loss at being a good parent, here are three things that you may want to keep in mind to get you back on the right track.

Prioritize Their Interests. Always.

Remember, you’re not alone anymore. If in the past you enjoyed hanging out with friends until late at night, things will change considerably. A good father should always put his child first. Kids need to be dropped off at school, get help with their homework, and eat nutritious meals. It is important to be there for them, always regardless what you have planned.

Model Behavior

This may sound a little cliché but it’s important to walk the talk. If you tell them to be helpful to people but they don’t see you doing it, they may grow up self-centered. Being a good role model to them is the best way to teach them about how to conduct themselves in certain situations. Be kind to everyone you meet on the street, get involved with helping your community, and donate to charities that help marginalized people in war-torn countries. Look to some of the charitable organizations’ social media accounts and see how they are spreading awareness for inspiration and educate your children on what they are trying to accomplish. As they grow up and they see you doing all of these things, there’s a good chance that they’ll grow up to be model citizens too because of the example you have set.

Be Good to Their Mom

How a husband treats his wife will have a huge impact on your child. After all, most kids are extremely close to their mothers. Take her on dates, do chores for her when she’s tired, and compliment her in front of your child. When their mother is happy, you’ll generally find that kids tend to be happy, too. A happy family is a supportive family; so don’t forget to treat the queen of the house nicely!