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A Short Baby Bible

A Short Baby Bible

TweetMommies & Daddies! Becoming a parent is the greatest pleasure in the world & if you are becoming one for the first time then your happiness is on the Top of the World!! You are very excited to welcome the new member in the family & you start preparing for it from the day one […]

Implications of Delaying Fatherhood for ...

Implications of Delaying Fatherhood for Millennials

TweetThe concept of fatherhood has changed dramatically in the last half century. Whereas fathers played the traditional roles of breadwinners and patriarchs, the 21st century Dad is more hands-on involving himself in child care from diaper duty to disciplining. As more millennials join the bandwagon, there is also another aspect to fatherhood that needs a look […]

What Dads Without a College Degree Need ...

What Dads Without a College Degree Need to Land Good-Paying Jobs

TweetAuthor: Christopher A. Brown If you listen only to the political rhetoric about the loss of good-paying manufacturing jobs in the U.S., you’d think our nation faces a crisis of historic proportion, especially for workers without a Bachelor’s Degree. The fact is the loss of 2.8 million manufacturing jobs has more than been offset by […]

Daughters, Father Loss, and Longing: An ...

Daughters, Father Loss, and Longing: An Interview with Regina R. Robertson

TweetAuthor: Alysse ElHage For Regina R. Robertson, the journey to publishing her new book, He Never Came Home: Interviews, Stories, and Essays from Daughters on Life Without Their Fathers (out this week from Agate Publishing), began 15 years ago, early in her journalism career, when the features editor of Honey magazine advised her to “write what you know.” Regina, who […]

Tykes and Teeth: Tackling Bedtime

Tykes and Teeth: Tackling Bedtime

TweetWe all imagine fatherhood in different ways: some of us are petrified, some of us overjoyed, and some of us remain uncomfortably numb until we actually see our children for the first time. Whatever your reaction was initially, you’re on the road to being a great dad. But there are a few jobs you probably […]