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Fatherville Interview: Trisha Roberts, F...

Fatherville Interview: Trisha Roberts, Founder of

TweetFatherville: Hello Trisha, and welcome to Fatherville. To start things off could you please tell our readers what motivated you to start the “Pro Educational Toys” website? Trisha Roberts: I love to play with toys! Children develop and learn as they play–it’s actually their “work”. I want to provide great toys for parents, grandparents, teachers, […]

Fatherville Interview: Iris Shamus, Foun...

Fatherville Interview: Iris Shamus, Founder of

Tweet We are visting with Iris Shamus, Founder of The AllerMates website ( offers both parents and children easy to read and understand tips, facts and general information about allergies as well as lots of fun games and activities based on the line of AllerMates characters. Iris, welcome! Fatherville: What motivated you to create Allermates? In […]