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Are you a new father?

Hi, we are researchers at Federation University Australia, and we’re trying to recruit fathers of young children to complete our online survey about father involvement in child healthcare. We know from other research that father involvement in the care of children with chronic conditions results in better outcomes for both the child and the father, but little is known about the benefits of father involvement in everyday health issues. If you are a father aged 18 and over and have a child between the ages of 1 and 6, you are invited to participate in an online survey. We are interested in the role played by fathers, where both the mother and father of the child(ren) are involved in their care, but not necessarily living in the same household. The study is being conducted under the supervision of Dr Angela Gent and Dr Denise Corboy, and approval of the study has been granted by the Federation University Human Research Ethics Committee (Project A15-176).

Participation in the study requires the completion of a brief online survey. The survey was initiated in Australia, but we are interested in the experience of fathers internationally as well. You can participate, or find out more about the study, by clicking the link below and following the prompts.

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