The Manhood ModelThe Manhood Model™ Online Program Includes:

7 Week online video program presented by Chris Cannon

Manhood Model™ activities after each video to ensure you achieve the happiness, confidence, and fulfillment that most men desire but rarely experience!

A safe place to go and ask questions you don’t know the answer to, but are expected to know! (We have a community of advisors that specialize in different topics to ensure we provide you with the best answers)

Videos are only 8 minutes long on average, which research shows achieves the highest level of engagement and produces the best results!

Simple step-by-step, quick, and easy to understand results driven activities, that builds trust, respect, and relationships between fathers and sons, while equipping them with strategies they both can use and benefit from for the rest of their lives…

– Purchase for yourself, you and your son, or as a gift for someone who can benefit from the step-by-step results that the Manhood Model™ produces!

The Manhood Model